External Penile Prosthesis for Prostate Cancer and Spinal Cord Patients

Erectile Aid – Alternative to Penile Implant to Restore Intimacy When Function is Lost to Injury or Physical Condition

What Makes NonMedErect Different? - It is a Prosthesis Worn Over the Genitals with No Dependency on Physical Condition

Benefits of External Prosthesis

Prostate Cancer treatment and Spinal Cord injuries can lead to erectile dysfunction. Both conditions can have a devastating impact on sexual function and prevent penetrative sexual intercourse. This new Patented Prosthesis restores the physical penis erection making male performance possible and provides a pleasurable experience for the partner. Regaining partial function through a prosthesis can restore sexual intimacy for couples impacted by both of these conditions. Prostate Cancer patients can use the prosthesis during penile rehabilitation, following treatment, until normal penile function is regained.

Meet NonMedErect and Take Control

BRAND-NEW Patented Product

NonMedErect allows your partner to experience orgasm in a natural way. Orgasm may be possible for the partner wearing the device through pressure points allowing synchronized arousal. The use of external prosthetics for managing erectile dysfunction is a novel approach for couples seeking alternatives to medical procedures. NonMedErect offers a non-surgical method for restoring physical intercourse. The prosthesis mimics anatomical functions without reliance on the partner wearing the device. Simply wear the prosthesis for intercourse and remove afterwards.

Design Features


External dimensions, weight, size, and visual appearance.

This new device is constructed to replicate form, fit, and function for an erect penis. A single part design that incorporates an important suspensory ligament function.


Ability to attach to the body and become an external feature without discomfort while flexing with each body movement.
A simple three-point harness attaches the device to the body. Imagine no drugs, no injections, no pumps, no worries about performance and Full Pleasure for your companion.


Performs as if it was part of the body and makes successful penetrative sex possible again.
For men that have suffered genital injury or deformity, this product may be the only effective non-medical device to restore a healthy penetrative sexual experience for their partner.
Straps fit comfortably around waist with secure fit to body
Strap adjustment in back. Cut straps to length (Uncut in Illustration)
Conforms to body shape. Secure fit and flexible for all positions without restrictions.
Inner cavity shape protects wearer genitals. Flexible design allows pressure for arousal in upper cavity.


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