About Us

ARC Benefits LLC, developer of NonMedErect, is an Engineering and Physician led company with a single focus to develop sexual wellness products to help men with Erectile Dysfunction maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Our Team is comprised of a Human Factors Engineer, Primary Care Physician, Surgical Nurse, and a Technician with Physical Therapy experience. Together we designed and manufacture a prosthesis that requires no existing anatomical function to allow physical intercourse. We support advocacy for Prostate Cancer patients in two ways. We develop prosthetics to aid in maintaining intimacy. We also advocate for change in acceptance of wearable prosthetics for loss of penile function.

Our Story may be remarkable only from the standpoint that we recognized that a wearable prosthesis was not available to assist men with E.D., and we developed one. Currently, no externally worn prosthetics are categorized by the FDA or otherwise recognized within the medical community. There are many obstacles to developing a wearable penile prosthesis, but all were overcome leading to a patented design in 2021.

During our product development, our team realized that IED blast injuries suffered on the battlefield is a type of genital injury that also benefits from use of a wearable prosthetic device. Our product was evaluated at a US Army Level 1 Trauma Center and given a favorable review by the Chief Genital Reconstruction Surgeon.

Our prosthesis is intended for use following prostate surgery and can be used while undergoing penile therapy to restore function. The prosthesis can be used for all conditions of E.D, when medication or other treatment modalities are not desire or possible.

Each condition of E.D. is different, and the patient may have questions about how our prosthesis will help overcome loss of function, incontinence during intercourse, and other side effects of medical treatment. Our Team is professional and sympathetic to each case and can assist with answering sensitive questions about benefits of our product.

The sole purpose of our prosthesis is to restore intimacy in relationships and give hope to those that considered intimacy lost due to conditions of E.D. This product is designed to offer a shared pleasurable experience.

NonMedDirect Team