Before answering some commonly asked questions, there are a couple of important points to mention.


The first Generation NonMedErect will accommodate up to the 75% male population-based on published size data. Please ensure fitment prior to ordering to the following physical allowance, shown in the chart.

How Does the Male Benefit from Sexual Pleasure?

The inability to please a female partner is a constant concern for men with E.D. NonMedErect is used as an aid for satisfying sexual pleasure of the partner during intercourse. The wearer benefits from being able to successfully perform during intercourse. Sexual intercourse is a physical act. The partners pubic bone provides pressure against the base inner cavity wall offering some degree of arousal for the wearer. It is not uncommon for the wearer to experience orgasm as a part of knowing they are providing a means for their partner to achieve orgasm.

Is this product a Prosthesis?

With any new product there is a point where a classification needs to be made. A prosthesis replaces or supports a missing or non-functioning limb of the body. The penis is a sex organ comprised of spongy tissue and is commonly referred to as an appendage when seeking a physical categorization. However, in both general and technical terms, many men and women alike may refer to this product as a prosthesis due to the partial body function it replicates.

How will I get my partner to accept using this product?

Great question! Most medical treatments and nonmedical devices seek to support the male with overcoming effects of E.D. NonMedErect introduces a couple’s solution. The very definition of E.D. is what female partners seek to overcome. “Give me an erect penis suitable for natural penetrative sex”. To answer the question, you have taken the first step already. Being proactive and considering all your options for managing E.D. creates a willingness of both partners to achieve a solution that is effective, repeatable, and eliminates the undesirable side effects of medical treatment for E.D. This product, in appearance, resembles the male anatomy and not a recreational sex toy. Therefore, it is practical for both partners to handle the device and explore its features to determine how it can be used to restore intimacy in their relationship. We hope that just examining the product as a couple is an arousing experience!

What makes this product different from other penetrative sex aids?

Non-medical E.D. devices and novelty sex toys have been available for years and used for penetrative sex for men with E.D. Most products have limitations that distract from the natural act of penetrative sex and result in frustration for both partners. Many couples “settle” with limitations as the only way to maintain intimacy. This product provides almost all the naturally occurring elements of a male erection without limitation, to include physical activity. Sexual intercourse is a physical act and a properly designed device must accommodate the act without imposing restriction on either partner. Couples are encouraged to resume normal intercourse and explore new positions. This device maintains its function until removed. Multiple orgasms are not out of the question for the female partner.

Can I Use This Product in Combination with Medical Treatments?

Absolutely! Men are encouraged to follow the recommended care of their Physician and try all recommended E.D. treatment protocols. This product can be used when medication, injections, and vacuum pumps are not effective or desired to achieve an erection. Physicians will typically not recommend non-medical sexual aids but may encourage patients to seek alternatives on their own.